Hurricane Preparedness

How to Prepare Your Home & Family

The 2021 hurricane season is here! NOAA is predicting an above-normal hurricane season. Join BKS-Partners’ Laura Sherman and Garrett Jones as they share valuable information on how you can start preparing your home and family in the event of a storm. Topics include:
  • How to identify and protect yourself from risk
  • Tips on how to fortify your home and family
  • Steps to take when a storm is coming and post-storm


Resources for Employers


Visit for additional resources, including: 

  • What to do before a storm hits
  • What to do when a storm is coming
  • State by state information
  • CDC recommendations & hurricane preparedness

Meet the Panelists

We'd like to thank our panelists for sharing their insight! Click the links below to learn more about their firms and what they can do for your organization.


L. Sherman Garrett Jones

Laura Sherman

Founding Partner

BKS Partners

Garrett Jones

Risk Consultant, DRM

BKS Partners




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